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Okay, a week has passed in this historic time in our nation. It’s been emotional, sad, exciting, scary, happy, or devastating, depending on which side of the “aisle” we are on. It’s brought out the best in people (those desiring to bring change to our nation and those who spend their lives defending our human rights), and it’s also brought out the worst in people. I don’t think I need to expand on that. A very ironic thing happened to me yesterday morning. Because my feet are so very far away from my eyes and I’m getting old, and because I was simply throwing on some comfortable clothes and not paying attention, I put my new pair of sophisticated socks on the wrong feet. Did you know socks were partial to left or right? Evidently someone in marketing has figured that out! When I first got these socks, I thought they were super cool, and as soon as I put them on the designated feet (left and right, clearly labeled), I felt serene and happy. Don’t we all love that “new sock” feel? But after a few washes, honestly, my feet nor I could tell the difference. But yesterday afternoon, as I sat down to read a deposition, I laughed out loud when I noticed my “mistake.” And then it dawned on me how truly ironic it was. Left and right confused, and remarkably, I didn’t notice. I took it as a sign. A sign to me that through all the division and confusion and anger, life goes on. I will still walk (humbly and thankfully). I will still not be able to see as well as I used to. But mostly, I’m lucky I have clean socks, or socks at all. The feet are a part of the body, as all parts of our body work together to help us function and get through life. So I started thinking about my own “body”, which includes myself, my children, my husband, my extended family, and my friends. (in essence, my world). All of us are different and all of us have things to share with our common “body” that makes us unique and whole. I couldn’t walk with one foot. And the left foot is no more important than the right. (well, maybe when I’m driving…). And I couldn’t be physically “whole” without either in my life. My family and friends, as my socks, have been divided by R and L. Each of us is passionate about which side we are on. I could see this as a negative, but I choose to see it as a positive. Once again, we wouldn’t be whole without each other. In the end, whether those I love are R or L, I will love them just the same. They keep me whole, and warm, like my socks. “Politics makes strange bedfellow,” I believe is how the saying goes. And it’s true. And politics and passion, on either side of the aisle or foot, is what makes our free world a truly free world. Not to be simplistic, I see this strange analogy based on a “wardrobe malfunction” as an ironic, humorous, and poignant incident that encourages me to remain united, as a body, as a family, as a community, and as a nation. I choose to celebrate my freedom. I choose hope. I choose peace. I choose unity. What will you choose?

A Funny Thing Happened at the Polls Today…

When it comes to politics, I’ve been called a few things and taken a few “hits” for being a moderate liberal. “Bleeding heart”, “unenlightened”, among other references such as, “You’re STILL a Democrat?” (Still? After what?) I shrug it off to ignorance. 🙂

Speaking of ignorance, I must confess that when I went to vote today on Super Tuesday, I didn’t realize I was only voting for ONE thing (person). Hence, as I was registering at the table, which happens to be at the clubhouse in my suburban upper middle-class neighborhood (convenient for sure!), I checked the box marked “non-partisan” ballot. The nice elderly gentleman volunteering his time promptly corrected me. “Oh, you can’t choose non-partisan in Georgia.” He then pointed to the “Republican” box and said, “You probably meant THIS box. Most people do.” Ha!

Despite his best efforts, I checked the “Democrat” box, so I could vote along those lines…I’ll confess that I’ve voted Republican in the past and Independent once as well, so I don’t put myself in any political “boxes.” Hate that they make me do that. But as a good citizen of this country, I had to do that today.

A younger gentleman, also volunteering, then told me that there are actually two states in this country where you can select “Communist.” What?? I asked him which states, but he declined to tell me. The elderly gentleman then added, “They have to be up North.” Ha! (My daughter later fact-checked this for me, and it just isn’t true. Not since the Red Scare.)

Proudly raised in the Blue state of Minnesota, I shrugged off a tad bit of offensive and carried on down the line so I could cast my vote.

The question I was left with is: Do I look like a Republican? What does a Republican look like? What does a Democrat look like? What’s the assumption? Are we really that blind? Still?

I’m not sure how I’ll vote in November. The jury will be out on that after we endure months of lunacy. I will stay informed, with the help of my three very politically minded adult children (all 3 of which have different favorite candidates). It’s still a privilege and a pleasure to be able to vote in this great country of ours.

If you’ve had an interesting experience today, I’d love to hear it!

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