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New Beginnings

You were happy before. You will be happy after.” ~anonymous

 On the eve of the eve of our moving out of our current home, I’m just now starting to piece together the feelings that have been buried under the last two months of cleaning, sorting, selling, buying, and planning a move.

Surrounded by boxes, walls bare of all photographs and memorabilia that make up the majority of my home decorating, our house is feeling more like just a house and less like a home, making it a little easier to part ways. Perhaps this was my husband’s grand plan all along, to put things away slowly, taking weeks instead of days to box up our life, so I’m not suddenly sad or unexpectedly emotional.

We first started this process mentally over a year ago, but physically four months ago. When the house first appeared on the market, it popped up magically all over the Internet by simply Googling the address. Since our three kids are now out of the house, they weren’t around for all the preparation, so I encouraged them to hop online and take a peek. My daughter, Lauren, was looking at the glossy photos of all the rooms in our house, neater than she’d ever seen them, and then sent me a text saying, “It’s weird to read about our house in terms of updated appliances, large bedrooms, and great storage space.” What she thought it should say is something more like, “A wonderful, warm, and cozy home for a loving family looking to build happy memories.”

 Well, as I look around at many of our happy memories trapped in cardboard boxes, it is not with regret that I say “Good-bye, East Smoketree.” For 12 years, this has been a place where our three kids toughed out the teenage years, studied hard, and had sleepovers. As a family we enjoyed game nights in our kitchen, fires in the firepit, and too many family dinners to count. Brian and I have hosted many a fun and sometimes rowdy dinner party, Valentine’s parties, New Year’s Eve, and many, many more. These kinda of memories aren’t stored in boxes anyway. They are rooted deep in our hearts and travel from place to place, making room for new memories along the way.

It’s on to something new, something different, something better for the next stage in our lives. We’ll wrestle with remodeling, redecorating, and reorienting ourselves to a new street, new neighbors, and new friends.

We’re not leaving behind a life, just a shell that housed our lives. And all will be good.

Next up: living with construction, a dog, and a traveling husband…

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